Founder's experiences


1969 / BS, National Taiwan University,(Department of Agricultural Chemistry).

1970-1972 /MS,  National Taiwan University, Chemistry.

1973-1977 /PHD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Chemistry (Dr. Ashby).

1977-1979 /Post-doctoral, Cornell and Princeton University

(Dr. Semmelhack).


1979-1988 /Texaco Chemical Co., Austin, Texas (9 years)

1988-1995 /Shell Development Co., Houston, Texas (7 years)

1995-2005 /Professor, National Chung-Hsing University (10 years)

2005-2018 /Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University (13 years)


220 Refereed Papers 

139 Issued US Patents 

60 Taiwanese Patents /85 Japanese Patents/24 Europe Patents /5 World Patents 

Research scope: 

Nanomaterials, Polymeric Dispersants, Nano Silicate Platelets NSP, antimicrobial/antivirus via Physical Capturing/Quorum Quenching, Agriculture/Livestock/Soil/Water Environmental Rehabilitation      

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copyright © 2019 J&A Technology. All rights reserved.