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1995 Professor JJ Lin, after working with Texaco Chemical Co. and Shell Development Co. for 16 years in the United States, returned to Taiwan and became a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering in National Chung Hsing University. He began to work on the natural clays, invented "Nanoscale Silicate Platelet NSP" and awarded a number of US patents claiming a NSP new composition matter.
2003 Published "NSP" for antibacterial and antiviral functions during the period of SARS outbreak.
2005 Accepted a professorship at the Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering of National Taiwan University.
2009 May During the period of "H1N1" outbreak, NTU held a press release on antibacterial spray "Silver Bullet 900".
2009 August Accepted the directorship of Nanotechnology Research Center of National Chung Hsing University. Conducted a research program by collaboration with 10 professors pursuing the NSP applications in agriculture and livestock.
2011 August In 2011-2014, served as the directorship of Institute of Polymer Science, National Taiwan University. Conducted the development of NSP for medical applications as well as the toxicology and safety issues of NSP, with Professor Fu Zuo Peng at the Medical School of NTU.
2014 Technology transfer from National Chung Hsing University, and completed a large-scale field trial on “zero-insecticide”crop cultivation and produced 3 continued seasons of rice harvests totally 480 tons. First time proving the newly developed NSP "zero pesticides" agricultural technology.
2018 January Retired from National Taiwan University and accepted a Guest Professorship position at National Chung Hsing University.
2018 February Founded J&A Technology Co. with Mr. Victor Hou, one of the classmates in undergraduate school almost 50 years ago, and a successful businessman.
2018 November

Permitted by Council of Agriculture, Taiwan, for the agriculture uses with product name


2019 February

Permitted by Council of Agriculture, Taiwan, for the agriculture uses with product name


2019 March Press released by National Chung Hsing University, announcing the NSP antimicrobial and antivirus functions for agricultural and livestock applications.
2019 June Technology transferred by Tong Li Agriculture Company and press released for commercial product, "Li Lon Li".
2019 August The R&D laboratories of J&A Technology was moved to Innovation Incubation Center of National Chung Hsing University.
2020 December “Organic Agricultural Material Approval Committee” has approved the registered “Li Lon Li” product to be included in the Organic Agricultural Material list.

【Organic Material No.109026】


林江珍教授回國於國立中興大學化學工程學系任教,開始學術硏究天然黏土應用於奈米複合高分子材料, 發明奈米矽片


SARS” 期間,發表奈米矽片具有抗菌及抗病毒功效


林江珍教授轉任國立臺灣大學高分子科學與工程學研究所任教,接受化工資訊與商情雜誌專訪,公佈全球首見的革命性奈米材料”- 談 奈米矽片 - 除抗菌功效之外,亦具有阻氣及UV吸附等多元功能


“H1N1” 期間,發表抗菌



林江珍教授借調至國立中興大學奈米中心主任,整合農、畜、生命科學領域專長教授研發並發表”零抗生素時代,雞與豬生長促進及疫病防治新突破 奈米矽片在農畜產業之應用 (2011/8/25國家型奈米科技橋接計畫辦公室)








與共同創辦人侯水發先生,一同成立多鏈科技股份有限公司(J&A Technology)


Tomato“first field trial 2006 ~2011”高雄農友 陳俊霖蕃茄田野測試

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copyright © 2019 J&A Technology. All rights reserved.