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Human wisdom has recorded:

  1. (Taoism): The Dao create One, One make Two, Two make Three, and Three make ALL things.
  2. (Bible): the hidden treasures of the sand.

The former described the natural occurrence of “changes” in matter, the latter states the intrinsic “state” of its existence. These idioms can be corresponded to two basic principles in chemistry, chemical kinetics and thermodynamics.


In 2000’s, my research interests focused on polymer dispersion of nanomaterials, leading to the serendipitous invention of new composition matter (anionic silicates in thin platelet shape), namely “nanoscale silicate platelets (NSP)”, the new compositions are claimed in a number of US patents. In 2003 SARS period and in a press release, we announced the NSP uses for inhibiting bacterial growth by “physical capturing” and “quorum signal quenching” mechanism and later in (ACS Meeting Oral Boston 2008, J. Physical Chemistry C, 2011; Journal of Virology, 2014). It was stated that the mechanism of NSP antimicrobial actions was driven by a physical interaction between the silicates and microorganisms in a non-chemical manner. In other words,  NSP have a high-surface energy for adhering onto the cell surface and generating “physical shield” against the viral and bacterial activities. During the 2009 flu pandemic period and at National Taiwan University, we reported another new silicate-silver material, i.e., NSP-AgNP or Silver Bullet 900 meaning 9 Ag nanoparticles per silicate platelet in geometric alignment, which is effective for anti-MRSA. The findings of NSP physical actions and its ability for supporting AgNP advanced the nanotechnology in medical uses.


For the subsequent decade, we collaborated with a number of professors from National Taiwan University, National Chung-Hsing University, and Academia Sinica in different expertise, explored the diverse applications of NSP in agriculture (pesticide-substitute or “zero-pesticide”, plant-growth promotion, soil rehabilitation), in livestock (antibiotics-substitute, detoxification, anti-bird flu in poultry flocks), for water treatment (removing organic toxins, pollutants and favorably balancing bacterial colonies and reducing pathogenic bacteria), and in medicine (skin wound dressing, anti-MRSA, anti-biofilm, SERS and nano-carriers for specific cancer cell targeting). These academic publications have revealed a diversity of “the NSP-Technology”.


Furthermore, we have completed the thorough studies to prove the NSP safety to human cells. The process of making NSP has also improved to comply with “organic agriculture” regulations and “green” requirements. Finally, the process of making NSP have evolved from the former “Nanoscale Silicate Platelets” into “Natural Silicate Platelets” for suiting large scale applications.


NSP is the silicates of three combined intrinsic characteristics, thin platelet geometric shape of 1.0-nm thickness, anionic charges for strong affinity and high-surface energy rendered high adsorption capacity. The silicates are water-dispersible and nontoxic to environment.  In water and soil ecosystems, it enables to absorb organic pollutants, heavy metals as well as affecting bacterial colony balance in favoring the environmental rehabilitation.

Judged from these academic findings, I anticipate that NSP can play a role in solving some of the global problems -- food security, food scarcity, and soil remediation. Therefore, the vision of the newly established J&A Technology is stated –- we devote ourselves for the betterment of mankind by integrating academic and industrial innovation, and by practicing a good science.


JJ Lin 2019  

Our motto — integrating academic invention and industrial innovation

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    copyright © 2019 J&A Technology. All rights reserved.